Pandemonium Trio – Play Drone & Drama

The latest TONEBURST release is now available.

bandcamp PT square 1

<kat no.7>

Live Electronic Music.
All frequencies.

Paul Stapleton
Miguel Ortiz
Barry Cullen

released March 6, 2020
The cassettes include a sound collage not available to stream or download.

Toneburst @ American Bar 060320

TONEBURST PT American Bar 060320 v2

TONEBURST @ American Bar

Pandemonium Trio,
Black Lamb,
Lick a Battery,
DJ Sophietones,

An evening of electronic listening music.
Three live performances + DJ.

This event is the launch of a limited edition cassette tape by Pandemonium Trio.

Pandemonium Trio
Improvisation. All frequencies.

Black Lamb
Psych Folk (Old Meets New)

Lick a Battery
Electronics stuff

Pandemonium Trio – Penrose Preview