Builds / DIY Noise Tools / Instruments

Modular fuzz feedback device. 2017

Modular Feedback device BEW 2017

Combined Bent Noise Makers 2017

Combined Bent Noise Makers 2017

Circuit Bending Tool 10-Turn. 2017


2KFCN v2 / 2 Knob Fuzz Custom Noise v2. 2016 (Limited Edition of 3).


VHS Bleep Box – Julia Roberts 2016 Edition (Limited Edition of 4).


2 Knob Fuzz Custom Noise V1. 2015 (Limited Edition of 3).

2KFCN 2 knob fuzz custom noise v1

Fuzz Face Custom Noise V1. 2014 (Limited Edition of 3).

Fuzz Face Custom Noise v1 still

Rhythm Reverb (reverb tank, paralooper, 8-step sequencer, resonant low pass filter, Jfet booster, built as part of MA in Sonic Arts at SARC/exhibited as part of Instruments and Scores 2014 in the Black Box). 2014

Rhythm Reverb

DIY quadrophonic soundsystem (for use in Noise Box at PS2). 2014

DIY Quadrophonic soundsystem 1 170314

Bleep Box v2 (edition of 4). 2014

bleep box v2 05

Aeolian harps. 2014

Aeolian Harps 090314

DIY portable 9v stereo soundsyetem. 2014

DIY 9v soundsystem 100314

Square wave oscillators, resonant filters, feedback fuzz and sequencer for Nicky Keogh. 2013

Nicky Keogh synth installation 2013

cat box

Dual fuzz and resonant filter for Phil Porter (Weakling & King / Alias Empire). 2013

Phil Porter Custom Boxes final

4-step sequencer (on 20% discount card). 2013

Mr 4-step

Dirty Video Mixer (Karl Klomp). 2013

Karl Klomp dirty video mixer 3

Tape Loop (Instructables extension). 2013

tape loop 101113

1st 3×3 Feedback Matrix (Nicholas Collins book). 2011

1st 3x3 Feedback Matrix surface

VHS Bleep Box (1st edition horror VHS x10). 2010

Stack of Bleep Boxes

Neanderthal Electronics Cigar Box (Derek Holzer workshop). 2010

neanderthal electronics - cigarbox 1 edit

Homeswinger Guitar (Yuri Landman workshop). 2010

homeswinger small stone tremolo copycat


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